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Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Beginnings "Embark in the Service of God"

One of our Young Women came up with a fun idea for New Beginnings.

Every YW will make a suitcase out of cardboard.
Then they will decorate it and we will use them as our decoration.
We only have one YW coming in this year,
so we will use her suitcase in our program.
Her suitcase will travel around to the different values
and each "stop" will have something that can be put in her suitcase
for use on her journey to "Embark in the Service of God".
Every YW will get to take her suitcase home after
New Beginnings to use as she see's fit.
We hope that the girls will use it for handouts
and other remembrances of YW.

For the refreshments (dinner):
Each YW and Leader, made a dish from a different country.
We tried to not duplicate countries, so we would have a variety of food.
There was a lot of yummy food to choose from!

After the dinner is done, we sang the 2015 theme song
"Embark in the Service of God" flash mob style.
Everyone will be eating and the girls will be spread out through the room.
The accompaniment will begin and one or two YW will start singing
and all the YW will stand up and join in throughout the song.
If you haven't heard the song, go here to download it.

Last night we had our activity to decorate the suitcases.
I don't know where they were purchased, but they are cardboard craft boxes.
The dimensions are 13" x 9" x 5".
The lid is attached to the box.
Here is a picture of the plain box, with a handle that we put on.
We used brown ribbon and fasteners for the handle.
Obviously, the handle is not meant to hold a lot of weight, but is for decoration.
I created three pages of stickers for the girls to choose from.
I asked them what destinations they would like to travel to
and from the images, you will see what they liked.
I printed them on full sticker sheets and the girls cut out what they wanted.
Here is a picture of a finished suitcase.
My favorite sticker is the Keep Calm one that I created.
I had a friend ask if she could print it off.
So I created it in poster size for anyone that wants it.
Please do not recreate or resale as it is my creation.
Feel free to use for personal use. 
If you would like it as a poster, click the size you would like
and it will take you the site where you can download it.

8" x 10"     |    11" x 17"

Let me know if you have any questions.

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