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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Young Women's in Excellence...Mystery/Sherlock Holmes/Steampunk Theme

This year, our Young Women wanted to have a
Sherlock Holmes/steampunk theme for Young Women's in Excellence.
One of the counselors in the Presidency came up with a fabulous idea!

First, the girls need to fill out the following questionnaire.
Second, the information from their questionnaire needs to be
written in a creative way for the script.
Here is the script for our girls.
Both are Word documents and can be edited for your ward.

We started with a walkway down the center of the room.
This is the Personal Progress path, that is discussed in the script.
To the left of the screen, you can see brown sheets.
We covered two rollaway chalkboards with the sheets.
You will find out why later in the post.

A member of our ward made the white screen for us.
He made a simple wooden frame, and pinned a white sheet tightly on it.
One of the Presidency made the London skyline out of cardboard
and then spray painted it black.
I wish I would have taken a close up of Big Ben,
she even put in a miniature clock!

We setup tables on both sides of the room with value colored table cloths.
These were the display tables for the girls Personal Progress Projects.
Each table was numbered and the girls were able to pick their table.

These are the tables in the other side of the room.
We have two wards that combine to do YW in Excellence.

Here is our refreshment table.

We had cupcakes made with mustache toppers
and cookies frosted like mustaches.

We started the night with the usual song, prayer, and theme.
The Beehives did a musical number.
Then we began with the "skit".
We asked a member of our ward that loves to act, to read the script aloud.
We put a spotlight behind the white screen and
had the girls stand close to the screen so their silhouette was visible.
One member of the Presidency was behind the screen with the girls
directing them on and off of the stage.
Now you can see why we covered the rollaway chalkboards.
We did not want anyone to know who was behind the screen.
They were given this document with their program.
They had to try and guess the girl behind the screen.
Here are the pictures of the girls.
I added every girls picture since they brought their
individual personalities to the skit
This Young Women stuffed her shirt with pillows and ate a slice of pizza.
    This Young Woman put her hair in a ponytail at her chin.  
When we were done with the script, we gave the parents 5 minutes
to look at the tables and try to figure out which
table belonged to which young woman.
After that was done, the Mia Maids sang a musical number.
We played a video that one of the Presidency made
that documented the last year of activities.
The Laurels ended the program with their musical number.
Then the Bishops got up and handed out their awards.
We closed with a prayer and ate refreshments.

We had a former ward member setup a photo booth for
the parents and girls to get pictures taken.
We haven't received any back yet, but when we do, I will post a few.

This was by far my favorite Young Women's in Excellence
that I have been a part of.
The girls really enjoyed it and I believe that the parents did to.

Let me know if you any questions.