This blog was created to share handouts that I have made for Young Women's. Feel free to use any or all of the handouts or ideas on here. I only teach once a month, but I will post my handouts as soon as I have them prepared.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

October: How Can I Learn to Be More Patient?

Last Sunday I taught a lesson about being more patient.
For my object lesson I made sugar cookies.
I gave each girl a small sugar covered heart cookie at the beginning of class.
They were instructed to hold the cookie
on their lap through the entire lesson.
They could eat it, if they wanted to.
But if they waited until the end of class,
they would get something better (a frosted pumpkin cookie).
The girls did a great job of not eating their little heart cookie.
At the end of my lesson, I asked the girls if it
was difficult to not eat the cookie.
Most of them said that it was and then asked if they could eat it.

Here is the handout that I made for this lesson.
I love President Uchtdorf and his wisdom!
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