This blog was created to share handouts that I have made for Young Women's. Feel free to use any or all of the handouts or ideas on here. I only teach once a month, but I will post my handouts as soon as I have them prepared.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 YW Calendar

At the end of last year, my Mia Maids asked for calendars
to help them organize their lives.
I looked online to try and find a cute 2014 calendar.
I could not find anything that I really liked that was free.
I decided to create one myself!
I am a month late, but I got it done.
I did not make a January, only February - December 2014.
If you read my previous post,
I based the colors of each month, on the value
that the girls will be focusing on for that month.
Here is what each individual month looks like.

If you want to download the entire calendar,
click here and it will take you to the .zip file.

I also created a cover for the calendar,
with the 2014 mutual theme.
I am going to print it off and have it bound for all the girls.
 I created two different covers;
1. For your YW Presidency and
2. Just for a spiritual cover.
Click the picture, then click save image as...,
save it to your computer and you can print it off.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Personal Progress Goal Setting Activity

I was put in charge of a combined YW activity last night.
We have decided to focus more on Personal Progress (PP) this year.
I made quite a few handouts for the activity.
You can download them to your computer by clicking the picture,
right clicking on it, pick save as..., and save to your computer. 
First, I made PP booklet holders out of the girls favorite colors.
Here is a picture of all of the cases.
I used the pattern from this website.
I picked a black with white polka dot material,
embroidered their name in their favorite color,
Then used a ribbon that matched their name.
Here is the final product.
 Here is the inside.
I switched around the arrangement of where the books go.
I wanted the holder to open like a book, and the website
I got the pattern from, opens the other way.
I made special pens for the girls to go in their PP booklets.
First, I created this Value Pen Strip document in Photoshop.

Then I purchased these pens at our local grocery store.
I had to buy black and blue pens, they didn't have enough black.
Here are all of the supplies needed for the YW pens.
Take the paper and wrap it tightly around the pen.
Carefully push it into the pen container.
I had to shove it in as far as I possible could.
Put the cap back on the end and voila, YW Value pen!
Here is the calendar of what PP Values we will be working on for 2014.
I wanted them to make PP goals for every month this year.
i.e. Read 1 chapter of the Book of Mormon every day for the month of Jan,
Focus on making my prayers more personal for the month of Feb, etc.
 I found quite a few ideas for PP Project Ideas online.
I had them look over the lists and pick projects that
they thought would be fun to do.
Then I had them write them down so that they could keep it in their PP holder to remember what they would like to do for their projects.
 I know that the church has put out a PP Tracking Sheet that each leader can use to keep track of where the girls are with PP.
I thought that it would be nice for the girls to have
one that they could see for themselves.
It is easier to see the PP as a whole, instead of
just what is signed off in the books.
I also know, that there is a tracking sheet in the back of the PP book.
But I thought it would be nice to be able to look at this,
while looking through the PP book.
I thought it would help the girls pick out experiences that they wanted to do.
 Phew...that about covers what I came up with
for our PP Goal Setting Activity.
Let me know if you have any questions on any of it.